Thursday, February 20, 2014

First I assume that you already know what is KTKLN and you already obtain Work Agreement from Indonesian Embassy. If not you can visit this great blog site that has very detailed processes for renewing WP and Passport, getting the insurance and most importantly the Work Agreement:

1. We decided to bring our maid to Batam to get her KTKLN renewed because we thought that she wouldn't know how to do it herself in Bandung (the nearest city from her hometown). In addition, we want to take this opportunity to bring our kids to have a short vacation in Batam  :-)

2. First, you need to bring the following documents:
  • Original passport and 2 sets of photocopy of the main page, last page and the page that shows the new address in Singapore (when you get the Work Agreement from Indonesian Embassy, they will amend your maid's passport to add your address in).
  • Original Work Permit with 2 sets of photocopy front and back.
  • Original Work Agreement and 2 sets of photocopy. 

3. We took 9:50am ferry and arrived at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal around 10am Batam time.
ps. I suggest you don't go there too early! If you can get a ferry that arrives around 11am that would be better. The reason is the insurance guy from the other office seems to only process the paperworks in batches or when there are enough people. We ended up waiting inside the cramp and hot office for 2 hours waiting for the insurance guy to come with the insurance paper.

4. Anyway, back at the ferry terminal you have to book a taxi from the taxi counter outside the building. Tell them you want to go to P4TKI at Komplek Ruko Green Land to renew KTKLN. The address is actually listed in their price list and it's fixed at IDR50,000.

ps. In case they don't understand you, P4TKI is pronounced "Pear empart Tay Kar Ee". KTKLN is pronounced "Ka Tay Ka L N"

The complete address is Komplek Ruko Green Land Blok E No 3A.
The coordinate is

5. The taxi ride is only about 5 minutes. Look out for this building in camouflage paint. The office is next to it on the left with the tinted glass doors. Not all taxi drivers will know this place so if your mobile has data roam enabled you can use the Maps app to navigate.

6. Once you are inside the office there is no queuing system so you just approach any of the officers there. They will then ask for all documents mentioned in point 2. They take the photocopies and will eventually return the original ones. Your maid then needs to fill up the form with her details including her husband/parents names, address, contact number and your (the employer) details. They will ask if you are renewing the card for one year or two years. This is for insurance purpose. Later you need to pay the insurance guy as follows:

IDR170,000 for 1 year
IDR290,000 for 2 years

You are also required to buy IDR6,000 'materai' from the corner shop about 3 houses away. The materai looks something like this

ps. If you forget to photocopy your documents or miss some of the pages, you can do it at a shop about a block away. I asked them why the office didn't sell the materai or provide photocopying service and they said this office doesn't hold any cash or accept any cash.

7. Next they ask your maid to go to the back of the office to get her photo taken and they will create the KTKLN card on the spot.

8. Then the waiting game begins. You can go out for a drink or lunch at nearby coffee shop or wait inside the office. Basically with all of the information they have, they inform the insurance company to prepare the insurance certificate and card. The guy from the insurance company is not based in the same building so he usually processes the paperwork in bulk. That's why I mentioned earlier there is no point going there very early in the morning.

9. At around 12:15, the guy from insurance company came with a bunch of certificates and cards. You pay him the insurance money (try to give an exact change) and he gives you the insurance certificate and card. You can then go and collect the KTKLN card and you are done!

10. If you want to catch a cab back you can call for the cab. For us we asked the driver that sent us there to wait for us. I later tipped him IDR20,000 (around S$2) for waiting for 2 hours.

In summary, apart from the waiting time, the process was quite smooth. We didn't have to pay for any additional money or 'kopi lui'.